Water Garden Bowl

I first saw this idea on the internet a few years back and the simplicity of the idea stayed with me. I had already seen the ideal Indian stone bowl at my local stone yard. It was lathe turned and measured 1 metre across and 35cm Deep.
A job arrived in which I had to remove a small pond from the garden before we could start to landscape.
Before I drained the pond I kept a couple of buckets of water and ‘sludge’ from the bottom and rescued most of the plants.
There was two water lilies, a few clumps of what looks like Iris, some water mint and a small reed.
I quickly purchased the bowl which weighed a ton and treated the inside with G4 clear pond sealer and left it to dry over night.
Once fully dry I placed some large stone in the bottom and used these to wedge the plants in place, I then introduced the water and sludge from the pond and filled it up with water from my water-butt.

So far I have had no problems and the water has stayed fresh, I occasionally have to top it up from the water butt and I have done the odd bit of pond dipping to introduce new flora and fauna.
It’s literally swimming with water beetles, leeches, freshwater shrimp and countless larvae.
Below is a picture of the Water Garden Bowl this spring.
The bowl this spring
I an amazed at the amount of wildlife the bowl attracts, every time I step outside there are birds bathing in it.
Not to mention the all the insects, like dragon flies, butterflies and many more – and the kids never leave it alone!

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